Education Law

As an education lawyer, attorney Chitra Ramanathan is committed to ensuring that children’s rights are protected and enforced in the educational arena. She has experience in a wide range of school-related issues, including children with special needs, anti-bullying and harassment statutes and student discipline issues. She works closely with teachers and administrators in public and charter schools.

Chitra brings valuable experience to her education law practice. She became passionate about education law after practicing criminal law as a public defender. Chitra saw that many of her adult clients started out in the juvenile justice system and learned that many of her clients could not read, or were missing other basic skills because they never received appropriate services from the public school district when they were younger. Chitra applied her passion to developing an education practice as a legal aid attorney in Cleveland, Ohio. She learned that parents often do not realize that school issues are legal issues and they and their child have rights.

How an Education Law Attorney can Help

School law has unique procedures and terminology that can be difficult to understand. Chitra is knowledgeable about education law and procedures and wants to help parents help their children. She has represented many children with special needs ranging from ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, autism, speech and processing disorders and behavioral disorders.

  • Chitra can help parents who are not satisfied with how their district is providing for their child’s individual needs.
  • She can help parents whose child is struggling in school and the public school district refuses to identify the child as needing special education services.
  • She can help parents with obtaining services that the district is not be providing with an existing Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan.
  • She can also help parents whose child is facing disciplinary action such as suspension or expulsion due to behavior related to his/her disability.

Even if something seems like a minor problem, you can call and speak to Chitra first. Your child’s education is important to you and it is important to Chitra.